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The complete Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program is available at no charge for eligible members of participating health funds.

Prima Health Solutions is contracted to participating health funds to provide the complete Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program to their eligible members. Therefore there is no payment at all from the patient or Medicare to Prima. 


Putting OA Clinical Care Standards and Management Guidelines into practice

The full program is a remotely delivered implementation of key aspects of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard <view> and the new RACGP Guidelines for the Management of Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis (July 2018) <view>.

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Program interventions

The Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program carefully integrates the following range of diverse clinical interventions in order to maximise clinical outcomes. 
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Clinical aims

The clinical aim of implementing these interventions is to assist patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis to achieve clinically meaningful reductions in their knee or hip joint pain, stiffness and swelling.

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Remotely delivered model of care

The sophisticated model of care utilised by the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program has been developed and perfected over a 10 year period. Key elements of this unique, remotely delivered model of care are:

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Measuring OA clinical outcomes

The physical and emotional symptoms of OA impact individuals in a myriad of different ways. To account for this, the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program utilises...

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GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

When the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life™ program is included as part of a formal GP Management Plan (GPMP) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA) there is no cost to the patient or Medicare therefore other community based Allied Healthcare providers can be included in the same TCA and still be eligible to receive the usual Medicare funding.

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Detailed Program Brochures

Printed colour brochures that explain the program to patients are available for GP or Allied Health Professional practices on request. See below for full contact details.

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Additional Help, Information, Support

Please contact the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life team on:

Phone: 1800 226 180 (free call)
Email: oa@hwfl.com.au
Web: http://oa.hwfl.com.au

Complaints or Concerns

The Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life program is run by Prima Health Solutions Pty Ltd (Prima) for and on behalf of participating health insurance funds.

If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of the Program please don't hesitate to contact Luke Lawler, Prima CEO and Scientific Director directly, on

Phone: 1800 226 180 (free call)
Email: luke@primahealth.com.au

About Prima Health Solutions

PRIMA is a quality certified health care organisation (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) that is dedicated to the research, development and remote delivery of specialised obesity related chronic disease management and prevention products and programs.

The PRIMA products and services include KicStart™ VLCD, the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life program, the Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Healthy Weight for Life™ programs.