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Chair exercise grouping


To provide a group of exercises that can easily be completed in a chair, for example when sitting down for a meal.


These exercises are designed to be done easily before and while sitting in a chair. This group of exercises has been constructed to improve joint pain by strengthening relevant muscle groups. Through strengthening these muscles groups, common symptoms associated with lower joint pain such as, unsteadiness on feet, joint stiffness and limited joint mobility. By improving these symptoms, many daily activities, including walking, going up and down stairs and standing up from a chair, can become easier and less painful.

Chair Exercise Group:

Calf raises while sitting (view video)
The aim of this exercise is to strengthen your calf muscles and improve your foot mobility. Stronger calves are needed for the ‘push off’ phase of walking when your heel leaves the ground. They also assist with maintaining balance. (Book reference Level 1 exercise 4b)

Groin stretch in sitting (view video)
The aim of this exercise is to stretch your inner thigh (adductor) muscles and to improve your hip joint mobility. Good hip joint mobility will make walking and getting up from a seated position much easier. It will also help to make going up and down stairs less painful.

Going up and Down Stairs