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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which meals do I replace?

You will find the instructions for the 3 phases of the program under Program Phases. In summary, phase 1 involves replacing 2 meals per day with KicStart™ (choice of flavour) and following the Portion Control guidelines to select foods you enjoy to prepare a healthy portion controlled third meal.

Can the meals be changed around to fit in with work or social events?

Yes, you can change around the meals that you replace with KicStart™ to fit in with your lifestyle. E.g. for shift workers. Some people find that they need a little bit of an extra boost in the afternoon, so they have a portion controlled main meal during the middle of the day and replace their morning and evening meals with KicStart™ instead. Others have found that having a portion controlled breakfast suits their routine better and will replace the other two meals with KicStart™.

You can also move the portion planned meal around to work in with your social commitments - if you are out for lunch, then have your portioned meal then and a sachet at breakfast and dinner. Or if you are going out for breakfast with family or friends, have the portioned meal at breakfast and use your meal reaplacements at each of the other 2 meals. To ensure that you are selecting the correct food in the correct portion you should refer to the relevant guidelines in your Week by Week Guide book. As you move through the program, gradually you will reduce the number of meals replaced with KicStart™ as you build up new healthy eating and lifestyle habits.