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What if I have an allergy or special dietary requirement?

Very rarely people may have certain allergies to specific ingredients in KicStart™. If you have a known allergy, please review the list of ingredients for KicStart™.

If an allergic reaction is suspected, you should stop taking KicStart™ immediately and discuss your symptoms with your pharmacist or doctor and let your Healthy Weight Fior Life Support Team know.

For those who find after commencing the program that they do perhaps have an allergy or intolerance to the KicStart™ VLCD products, the HWFL Essentials Program is a good option going forward as this allows you to continue to participate and receive the other health benefits of the lifestyle modification and behaviour change strategies. 


For those diagnosed with coeliac disease, all the KicStart™ shakes as well as the Asian Beef, Italian Tomato and Pea&Ham soups have been tested to a sensitivity of 5 ppm - (parts per million) - and the gluten content was found to be undetectable.

The Pumpkin & Herb and Creamy Chicken KicStart™ soups however do contain gluten (detectable at 80ppm) and should not be used by those with a gluten intolerance or allergy.

Due to legal requirements of food manufacture, as some of the trace ingredients of KicStart™ are sourced from products that may contain gluten we are obliged to warn of the possibility that the powder may contain traces of gluten. However we have had a number of people with coeliac disease use KicStart™ shakes quite successfully.


All of the shakes contain similar amounts of soy with a range of 3.8g to 4.1 g/serve. The soy content of KicStart soups vary from 5.2 to 20.5 g/serve. The Pea & Ham soup does not contain any Soy.


High dietary intake of sodium leads to high blood pressure and reducing salt in your diet can reduce your blood pressure, however its also important to increase your physical activity levels, control your weight and manage your stress. To reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease, the Heart Foundation recommends adults consume less than 2400 mg of sodium a day in their food and drink.

KicStart products do contain some sodium but it's important to remember that each sachet represents an entire meal so as you are mixing this with water the amount listed is therefore the total sodium for that whole meal.  

Those with pre-existing high blood pressure, are recommended to reduce their intake to 1600 mg of sodium per day, but you should always discuss with your doctor or health practitioner what’s right for you.