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Frequently Asked Questions

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Allergies & Intolerances

Very rarely people may have certain allergies to specific ingredients in KicStart™. If you have a known allergy, please review the list of ingredients for KicStart™.

If an allergic reaction is suspected you should stop taking KicStart™ immediately and discuss your symptoms with your pharmacist or doctor. If an allergic reaction does occur do not recommence treatment with KicStart™.

Lactose Intolerance

The protein used in the manufacture of KicStart™ is primarily dairy based therefore the shakes and soups do contain naturally occurring lactose. Those who have mild lactose intolerance or sensitivity may be able to utilise a lactase supplement (lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose) such as Lacteeze™ tablets to assist in reducing symptoms of lactose intolerance. Please discuss the available options with your local pharmacist or a member of the Healthy Weight For Life Team.

see also the FAQ on Lactose Intolerance

The Portion Control System alone is a good option going forward for those who find after commencing the program that they do perhaps have an allergy or intolerance to the KicStart™ and can therefore continue to participate and receive the other health benefits of the muscle strengthening and healthy lifestyle strategies. 


For those diagnosed with coeliac disease, KicStart™ shakes have been tested to a sensitivity of 5 ppm - (parts per million) - and the gluten content was found to be undetectable, meaning that to all intents & purposes the shakes are gluten free.

The Pumpkin & Herb and Creamy Chicken KicStart™ soups however do contain gluten (detectable at 80ppm) and should not be used by those with a gluten intolerance or allergy.

Due to legal requirements of food manufacture, as some of the trace ingredients of KicStart™ are sourced from products that may contain gluten we are obliged to warn of the possibility that the powder may contain traces of gluten. However we have had a number of people with coeliac disease use KicStart™ shakes quite successfully.