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Strategies to avoid hunger and boredom

Have a drink of water

Often people confuse thirst for hunger so try having a drink of water to see if that helps manage your hunger. You could also try one of the 'free drinks' listed. 

If the distractions and a drink of water or another 'free drink' do not reduce the desire to eat after 15 minutes then you can use your imagination to prepare a 'guilt free' tasty snack from the 'free foods' list.

Distract yourself

If you feel that you are hungry the first approach is to try and distract yourself for 15 minutes - for example you could:

  • Play with a pet
  • Go for a short walk outside
  • Phone a friend for a chat.

Can I have additional fruit?

Whole pieces of fruit (NOT fruit juice) are an important part of a long term healthy diet however they do contribute to your overall energy intake. During phase 1, the Motivational Weight Loss Phase, it is preferable to limit your snacks to 'free foods'.

Information about fruit can be found in phase 1 page 8 of your Week by Week guide. The free food list is designed to incorporate all the foods you can be having between meals that will not have a negative impact on your program. If a food is not listed there it is safe to assume we do not want you to be eating it in phase one. We will introduce more fruit in phase 2 but at this point berries are what is recommended because of their lower sugar content. For longer term thinking we follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendation of 2 serves of fruit per day.