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Strategies to avoid hunger and boredom

Distract yourself

If you feel that you are hungry the first approach is to try and distract yourself for 15 minutes - for example you could:

  • Play with a pet
  • Go for a short walk outside
  • Phone a friend for a chat.

Have a drink of water

Often people confuse thirst for hunger so try having a drink of water to see if that helps manage your hunger. You could also try one of the 'free drinks' listed below. 

Free drinks

diet cordial

sparkling mineral water

diet soft drink (choose sparingly)

plain mineral water


vegetable juice

soda water

tomato juice

tea or coffee with a dash of milk


If the distractions and a drink of water or another 'free drink' do not reduce the desire to eat after 15 minutes then you can use your imagination to prepare a 'guilt free' tasty snack or small meal to go with your shake from the 'free foods' listed below.

Use the 'Free Foods' to make great snacks and side dishes

An important key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is finding ways to avoid feeling hungry or getting bored and to manage the desire for snacks YET STILL control your total daily 'energy in'. 'Free foods' are a great way to help you achieve this.

'Free foods' can be eaten freely because they do not contain enough food energy (kilojoules or calories) to have a significant impact on body weight.

You can use your imagination to prepare a 'guilt free' tasty snack or side dish to complement your KicStart™ meal by choosing from the 'free foods' listed below. You can also check out our great selection of free food recipes.


Vegetables - eaten on their own or made into a hot salad, cold salad or dry roasted
alfalfa sprouts carrot garlic radish
artichoke hearts (fresh or in brine) cauliflower ginger silver beet
asian greens celeriac green beans spinach
asparagus celery kale spring onions
bamboo shoots chinese mixed veges leeks squash, button
bean sprouts choko lettuce sweede
broccoli mushrooms cucumber mushrooms tomato (fresh or tinned)
brussel sprouts dill pickles onion water chesnuts
cabbage eggplant peas watercress
capsicum (green, red or yellow) fennel pumpkin zucchini


Fruit Drinks
blueberries / blackberries (fresh/frozen) water sparkling mineral water
lemon / lime diet cordial plain mineral water
passionfruit diet soft drink (choose sparingly) vegetable juice
raspberries (fresh/frozen) Bonox™ tomato juice
rhubarb soda water soup made from free vegetables
strawberries (fresh/frozen) tea or coffee with a dash of milk


Condiments Some Snack Suggestions
pepper low sodium soy sauce vegetable dip (e.g. eggplant)
herbs (dry / fresh) fat free salad dressing vegetable sticks
spices vinegar salsas
horseradish sweet pickles soups made from free vegetables
Worcestershire Sauce™ mustard diet jelly


Can I have additional fruit?

Whole pieces of fruit (NOT fruit juice) are an important part of a long term healthy diet however they do contribute to your overall energy intake. During phase 1, the Motivational Weight Loss Phase, it is preferable to limit your snacks to 'free foods'. The 'free food' fruits include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons and passionfruit. If it is not possible to utilize these 'free foods' then an apple, orange, pear, peach or plum can be used as a mid-meal snack during phase 1, as long as you counteract the additional energy input with a little more energy out.