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About Prima Health

The suite of Healthy Weight For Life™ programs are proudly brought to you by Prima Health Solutions (Prima) - specialists in weight and lifestyle related chronic disease management.


Our mission is to help engage patients in their healthcare through patient centred interventions and help guide them in lifestyle modifications to achieve personally meaningful and measurable improvements in their health and quality of life.


Prima is an Australian healthcare and technology company (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified Organisation) specialising in the research, development and large scale remote delivery of disease management programs for weight and lifestyle related conditions including knee and hip osteoarthritis; type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and heart health risk factors.

Our programs systematically implement both multi-layered weight management and disease specific treatment guidelines for large groups of patients, irrespective of whether they live in rural, regional or metropolitan Australia.

We are currently contracted to provide these specialised programs for eligible members of most Australian private health insurance funds including HCF, BUPA, Medibank Private, nib and 14 member funds of the Australian Health Services Alliance. Combined, these health funds cover approximately 75% of all privately insured Australians.



Healthy Weight For Life™ - intensive weight loss and lifestyle modification

The Healthy Weight For Life™ program delivers the intensive weight loss and lifestyle modification strategies within our various disease management programs.

This best practice weight management strategy focuses on effectively reducing energy intake, increasing physical activity and comprehensive measures to support behavioural change. It strategically combines:

  • Portion controlled eating system – a practical guide for individuals on how to successfully reduce energy intake by selecting the right combinations of food and drink in the right portion sizes for each meal or snack. Includes structured use of KicStart™ VLCD – a thoroughly researched, nutritionally complete very low calorie diet (VLCD) meal replacement.
  • Comprehensive online and printed education and self-monitoring resources – designed to help individuals build up knowledge and practical behaviour changes over time.
  • Remote monitoring and engagement – targeted motivation and support provided by a team of allied health professionals and program navigators.

PRIMALINX™ - technology as an enabler

PrimaLinx™ is the powerful and innovative software platform developed by PRIMA specifically to underpin the effective and efficient delivery of every aspect of our disease management programs. The software enables large numbers of patients to be personally engaged, monitored and managed to achieve measurable and meaningful clinical outcomes.


We are proud of the contribution our team is making to the health of the Australian community and would be happy to answer any questions that you, your family or doctors may have about any of our products or programs. Please feel free to Prima Health CEO directly via email (luke@primahealth.com.au) or 1800 226 180.

We look forward to hearing from you