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Program Application

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey towards reduced pain and improved mobility.

Your safety

The program does not replace advice given by your own healthcare team who you will be asked to consult before commencing. They may also ask you to attend check-ups so they can monitor and support you.

Pre-existing health conditions and medications

Close medical review and monitoring by your healthcare team is necessary if you:

  • take regular medication (in particular insulin, oral diabetes medication, blood pressure medication and warfarin), and / or
  • have pre-existing health conditions (including heart disease, gout, gall stones, impaired kidney or liver function)

Before commencing, it is important that you and your doctor have a plan for how to monitor and manage your medication and pre-existing health conditions whilst on the program.  

Exercise precautions

It is important that you only do exercises within your physical capabilities.

KicStart™ VLCD and dietary precautions

If you have any known dietary allergies or intolerances (e.g. lactose or gluten) please review the nutritional information sheets for each shake or soup flavour variety or contact the Healthy Weight For Life (HWFL) team on 1800 226 180 to discuss you personal dietary requirements.

Your eligibility and commitment

To be eligible for a funded program you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and provide regular online or phone updates on your progress to the HWFL team.

Your privacy

Prima will be co-ordinating the program and will need to collect information on your:

  • age and gender
  • height, weight and waist circumference
  • hip or knee symptom / impact questionnaire scores, health status and satisfaction questionnaire scores
  • (optional) blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and / or HbA1c 

Prima will ONLY use your information for the purposes of running and assessing the program.

To enable evaluation and funding approval of the program:

  • your identifiable body mass index (BMI), hip or knee symptom / impact questionnaire scores, health status and satisfaction questionnaire scores may be shared with your health fund.
  • your de-identified (anonymous) health and demographic information may be used by Prima Health Solutions (Prima), participating health funds and medical researchers to assess and report on the effectiveness of the program. No public document or report will identify any individual participant.

I have read and understood my health fund’s and Prima Health’s privacy statements.