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What if I am going away?

Generally we don’t suspend the program due to travel, as one of the aims of the program is to help you to make mindful choices in the context of everyday life, which does involve trips, birthdays, illness etc.
So while you may not be able to keep the weekly chart updated, or be using the KicStart sachets while away,  you should still be able to be monitoring your food portion sizes and looking for opportunities to remain active. On your return you will be able to “catch up” if you haven’t been using the sachets while away, and generally we suggest weight maintenance as the aim while travelling anyway. The aim of the program is to really consolidate some healthy habits, and to ensure that as you return to your regular meals, rather than the VLCD sachets, that you are able to maintain what you have already lost for long term stable weight management.  So going away is a great time to “test” your new skills and knowledge.

In most instances due to the simplicity and ease of preparing a KicStart™ to replace a meal, many find they are able to continue their program even whilst away or overseas, whether for holidays or for business. The website is accessible from anywhere provided you have access to an internet connection.

For those who feel it will be impossible to follow the structure of the program whilst away from home, or had any queries at all about how to adjust the structure of your program to suit your schedule, you can contact the Healthy Weight For Life team to notify them of your plans and they can assist you to make a suitable strategy.