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Your highly experienced Healthy Weight For Life™ team (including pharmacists, dietitians, occupational therapists, nurses and program navigators) are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

We want to ensure you feel confident as you progress through the 18 weeks of the program and beyond.

We use many methods of communication so we can easily stay in touch with each other. We are available to help with any questions, to work through any difficulties, as well as to celebrate your successes along the way.

  1800 226 180 (free call)

private online message board for enroled members 
(private direct contact with your HWFL support team)

  Dedicated SMS / text message (only)
0429 200 622

Healthy Weight For Life
c/o Prima Health Solutions
PO Box 7468
Warringah Mall
NSW 2100

The Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life™ Program is run by Prima Health Solutions Pty Ltd (Prima) for and on behalf of participating health insurance funds.

If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of the Program please contact Luke Lawler, Prima CEO and Scientific Director directly, on

  1800 226 180 (free call)