Am I eligible for a funded program?

The general eligibility criteria for a fully funded program are:

body mass index (BMI) 28+ (calculate your BMI here),


knee or hip osteoarthritis (current or historical diagnosis),


according to medical opinion at least one of the following:

  • knee or hip symptoms that have (or are likely to in the foreseeable future) necessitated referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation, OR
  • an existing symptomatic knee or hip joint replacement that could benefit from weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength, OR
  • a knee or hip joint replacement procedure is planned and weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength prior to surgery is desirable.

Approval from your medical practitioner to participate and willingness to maintain medical supervision for existing medical conditions.

Not previously participated in a Healthy Weight for Life program funded by your health fund and agree to provide your progress data to the HWFL team (including weight, waist circumference, joint symptom scores).


(Health fund specific clinical, hospital policy, waiting periods and minimum age criteria may apply. Please contact the Healthy Weight for Life Team for further details.).

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Enrol online or call the Healthy Weight For Life Team on 1800 226 180 (free call) and we will send you a complete reply paid registration pack.

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