Member Stories

These inspirational members have kindly shared their personal stories with the hope of motivating others.

Elaine at week 24 - July 2020

I was supported all the way with a wonderful, supportive and very informed support team, who were only a phone call away. I have never felt better and my physical activities have improved even with the pain limits. I am climbing ladders again to clean, bending down to pick up and clean like I did 20 years ago. I now weight the same as I did 33 years ago, my blood pressure is that of a 21 year old and my cholesterol is normal. This has given me back my life. It is something I will keep on using. Thank you.

Glen at week 18 - March 2020

This program has been very effective in assisting me to NOT require Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. This is a major factor in my improved sense of well-being achieved throughout the last 16 weeks. I was scheduled by one orthopaedic specialist to undergo TKR on the 25th October, and, after seeking a 2nd opinion, that specialist clearly adopted a different paradigm to rushing to surgery. This has been so important, and my knee pain has improved significantly, as evidenced in my return to 'normal' activities' and reflected in my survey responses over time. My GP has been extremely impressed, and, most importantly, the impact of the support has been critically important in my not requiring TKR surgery, which has substantial risks and potential complications.

Ross at week 18 - January 2020

Great tasting drinks and soups Non-intrusive coaching when things go off track - no judgement when I slipped but nurtured the return to the program...

15 kg's gone. Dropped 1 to 2 sizes of clothing. Wearing the presents from the kids that never fit 5-10 years ago. Wearing shirts from 20+ years form my wife (she mightn't like the style anymore but....)...

Returning to flexibility and balance from 5-10-20 years ago. 

 Robyn at week 18 - December 2019

The program is well organised; supportive; comprehensive; welcoming; encouraging and with excellent documentation to support me. The fact that we can graduate, but continue to access & be supported (when needed) is an excellent feature too.

Meredith at week 18 - December 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life program.
It has been life changing for both of us. I look in our pantry and the change is amazing. No more sweet biscuits, no snacks, no treats. More cans of beans etc for salads. Sugar is lasting twice as long as before and without a doubt the best tool has been the plate divider.
Frank is so much more mobile and has regained a confidence I have not seen for a very long time. He has increased his exercises (group based) and moves virtually independently within the house.
Other health issues have decreased dramatically and I can pinpoint the program as being the catalyst for improvement.
We are both grateful to have been offered this program and are determined to maintain the improvements we have achieved. We are both healthier, happier and a lot more mobile than in July/ Aug when we started.

Lydia at Week 18 - November 2019

Very Satisfied!! Have already recommended several people who have joined up and are also finding it great. Love the books and DVD. Easy to follow, detailed information which I will use as a reference - after the program is finished. The meals are good too... It was fun to do, easy to follow and can be continued as a good way to live life into the future i.e. with good food and good exercise and good information and help. I will continue with this lifestyle.

Janet at week 18 - November 2019

I am so grateful for the OAHWFL program. I lost 10kg and 9 inches around my waist in the 18 weeks, thanks to the meal replacements and recipes and dietary advice. I had tons of energy and got motivated to exercise more. My hip replacement was last Feb, and I now ride 4kms on the cycle path every second day or so, and enjoy it. I lost a whole clothing size and feel healthy. Best of all, my hip pain is negligible and my chronic back pain is much less frequent. I can perform pretty much all household and gardening tasks that I was doing 2-3 years ago before my hip got bad.

Penny at week 18 - October 2019

This program changes your life, it teaches new habits around food and exercise and increases the opportunity to not only lose weight but keep it off. The things that I have learnt about food and the emotional source of the cravings has absolutely blown me away. I have been the Yo Yo dieter all my life to the detriment of my body, I now have the tools that I have learnt through this program to make better choices around food and my emotions.

The program has been amazing, the professionalism of your support team is absolutely brilliant. Each of those ladies felt like your own personal cheer squad, they would either text, email or phone depending on the week and talk to you or in some way educate or just simply say well done, good for you. The tools (books, plate seperator, exercise) are tools for life, they are really professionally done and also full of education and life changing strategies. The Login section keeps you motivated as well making sure to put in your Motivation and your challenges really assists to support your goals. Thank you for the program it is life changing.

John at week 22 - October 2019

The weight loss I have achieved has made a considerable difference to my capacity for activity and my general feeling of well-being. The program requires self discipline but makes the task of weight loss possible and comparatively easy.

Judy - two years post program - September 2019

Time flies! Has it really been two YEARS since I started HWFL program? What a journey in the "battle of the bulge"!
But for me it became a journey of self discovery and healing. A few months ago, had a setback due to small tear in my left piriformis. I
had to lie low and let it heal. But all good now and back to exercises (with a little caution).

Started off still getting over post total knee replacement trauma, walking in pain and fear for the other (real) knee, battling weight due to
sedentary life. I've come a long way ... keeping very fit with five aqua aerobics classes each week, plus resistance training and walking.
I just turned 70! and never dreamed that at this point in my life I will have the best posture, and wow I also have muscles! My legs are like steel posts! Still a small struggle at times to get that weight down further but I *will* get there!

Each time I falter, I hear your voice and refer to what I have learnt through HWFL. But it is your voice which have kept me motivated. Your support and encouragement have helped me through some very difficult times. So, lovely angels, thank you all so much! I have achieved more than one goal. I have somehow inspired family and friends, and many people I meet along the way - that it is never too late to have an exercise program (no matter how small) and have a healthy eating plan. And most of all, it's OK to falter, but don't beat yourself up and just pick up and keep at it again.

Marlene at week 18 - September 2019

I would not be in the state of health without the program. The women are so engaging & personal - helpful, encouraging, I highly recommend every aspect - as for the book fabulous - a guide forever.

Shelley at week 11 - August 2019

I am so glad I did this programme it has given me the tools with exercise to stay mobile and enjoy an active life . My pain is moderate and I can manage this pain and have active life . I will always do these exercises as they have got me off my walking stick and walking 4 km a day now 7 days a week

I am able to manage portion control and have now invested time in meal plans . My weight has plateaued but I have toned up and feel very fit and healthy with more energy . This is something I will do for life . The books have been very helpful.

Glenn at week 18 - July 2019

Every aspect, the shakes, the taste, the support, the program, the people at HWFL on phone, the literature the weight and waist loss. The single biggest and best thing I have done for my health in last 20 years.

Bronwyn at week 18 - July 2019

I have gone from being a depressed person in constant pain and therefore unable to do much of what I would like to do to now feeling much happier, while I am aware of my knees I don't have constant pain and I am now confident to undertake more activities.

The bonus is I have lost weight and will continue to follow the healthy lifestyle as it is easy to maintain and the eating program easy to follow. I have loved the past 18 weeks. I am so grateful for this program it has been life changing.

Jennifer at week 19 - July 2019

The program has been wonderful. I tell a lot of people about it - esp when they comment on my weight loss. About weight - Kick Start is a good term. Loss of weight is almost immediate and so shows you that it can be done.

Going through my health fund gave me confidence that the program was not 'faddish' and that proper nutrition would be maintained...The exercise program - again, confidence in the exercises being specific for knee/hip and also age related.

I try to play golf with my husband…we recently played on our little local course and we had not taken a buggy. The course had run out of buggies for hire, so we decided to share carrying the bag of clubs. It is lightweight and we took turns. After about hole 6 I was feeling the weight, and was tired of it.

My knee was hurting…I wondered how heavy the bag was. When we arrived home, I put it on the scales. It weighed 9.5kg. By that stage, I had lost 10 kgs. So the bag was equivalent to the extra weight I had been carrying around before the program. Bit eye-opening.

Sherryl at week 18 - July 2019

From the first phone call it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is so helpful & my knee is so much better.

We thank you both (Medibank Privtate and Prima Health) for sponsoring us on this program. Our lives are so much improved & PAIN free. 

I thought I would be in pain & have limited movement for the rest of my life. Now I haven’t taken pain relief for months. With 30 internal steps in our townhouse it has been so beneficial to be able to use them without dread.

Kaylene at week 18 - June 2019

I feel that it has taught me a lot about my attitude to food. It has changed my thinking in what should be in my pantry and other alternatives I can try.

I feel that Medibank Private is trying to make sure that I am healthy and just don’t need them in times of illness.
It has changed the way I view food

Colleen at week 13 - July 2019

Since participating in this programme I have been able to lose several kilos which I believe has made a big improvement with my mobility. I have enjoyed being able to go for walks more comfortably than I have in a long time.

I wish that I had participated prior to my knee replacement as I feel I could have put it off for a bit longer. I still need my second replacement but due to this programme I believe that I can delay this for a bit longer. Very happy to date with results and would recommend programme to others. Thank you for this opportunity.

Suzanne at week 19  - June 2019

Hi team, just wanted to let you know how excited l am to have been introduced to the Healthy Weight For Life program. l have found it to be an enormous help with joint pain and well being.

My weight loss has amazed me at 71years old l didn't think l would be able to lose the amount of weight (19.5kg) in such a short period of time. l have enjoyed the diet and actually looked forward to the shakes and soups.

l have to thank the team for the support you have all given me along the way, every time l needed to contact you by phone l always encountered a friendly person without exception. Thank you again you have changed my life.

Pam at week 18 - June 2019

I am very pleased with this program. I have truly learned a lot. I am so much more aware of what I eat, where I eat, what to choose. I am feeling so much more healthy having the weight off. My Asthma has improved. 

My Health overall has improved. I tried to carry the weight I was carrying and could not do it. What a strain on the body. I am quite determined to keep it off.

Linda at week 19 - June 2019

It has been an amazing ride indeed, l have learnt how to eat properly by making better choices in food.  I’ve learnt portion sizes better, have more of an understanding of the importance of exercise.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to all of the team for cheering me on and playing a supportive role in all of the program. 
I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life but never have l enjoyed and stayed focused on my weight loss like this before!... 

Big thank you all around, because if it wasn't for this program, l would be in a lot of pain and still walking around with all that extra weight.

Lyn at week 18 - June 2019

l enjoyed the online support and not have to go out to meetings etc. The ability to do the exercises at home, weighing & measuring at home, taking responsibility & ownership of your own journey.

Being honest and working hard presented positive results however knowing the HWFL Team is readily available when needed.
Used shakes to get back on track. Ability to continue program if wanted. And the informative books and recipes for extra continued support. Thank you.

Suzanne at week 18 - February 2018

It's changed my life. I'm a much happier and healthier person. Being older you don't have the energy levels you had when you are younger this program helped me overcome this.

The sachets were great once I worked out which ones I liked a good support especially the first six weeks which was the hardest. Overall I'm loving it and I'm going to keep going with it. I now look forward to my daily walks on the beach. I'm building muscle mass which helps my knees immensely.

Before it was all too hard to exercise and too hard to eat healthy. With the tools you gave me and the information I can't fail and I won't.

Lawrie at week 29 - November 2018

Hi Team. Just thought I would touch base and let you know that the eighteen weeks I spent on the HWFL Program was one of the best things I have done in my life.

I am still 82.4 and I keep myself busy fixing things; just like old times. I received a fitbit tracker for my 80th birthday and I easily exceed the 10,000 steps on a daily basis.

I am booked in to have my right hip reviewed on the 1st Feb. 2019. My new right knee is great. I visited my GP yesterday and he spent more time asking me questions about HWFL than anything else. Keep up the good work, what you do is really worthwhile.

Lorraine at week 18 - Sept 2018

10/10, I am very happy with my results, not just because of my weight loss, but the exercises have been very successful in helping me to be active & confident. The fact that I could be in constant touch with the helpful staff & the privacy of the whole program.

Janice at week 79 - September 2018

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share with you something that I did last weekend. There was an organised walk from Blacksmiths beach to Newcastle to raise money for the surf clubs there.

The walk was done mainly on the beaches but also through bush land as well. I completed the walk a total of almost 28km and although I was very tired at the end I still managed to go to work the next day with hardly any stiffness or soreness at all. I was quite proud of myself. I will try and add a photo of my medal to this as proof.

I believe my regular daily exercise routine and walking enabled me to
accomplish this.

Thank you all for your continued support it is great to have this.

Jen's Story - August 2018

I have lost more weight than I expected to without feeling hungry. Adding free foods e.g vegetables to the soups & frozen berries to the shakes; plus using the free foods list to make up improvised recipes has meant I've never felt bored on the program.

I've never felt hungry either!

I've received great moral support from the HWFL team plus helpful advice when I've asked for it. I've also been motivated to get back into a fitness routine. So not only have I lost 12.4kg & 23cms off my waist but I've greatly increased my physical activity.

I walked just over 20kms in the past week... & I'm no longer using my Ventolin puffer before I get on my treadmill.

I'm just amazed by how much better my Right knee feels now even though I'm walking at up to 6kms/he in my treadmill sessions. Overall I'm experiencing less depression symptoms even though I'm still experiencing high levels of neuropathic pain…

Because the program has been able to help me so much, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other sufferers of hip or knee osteoarthritis or my family & friends. I'm looking forward to continuing on with Phase 4 now.

…. This choice has proven to be a good one as I've gone beyond the goals I set for myself & my knee is SO much better than it was! The HWFL Osteo program has proven to be an absolutely incredible tool in helping me take back control of my weight & fitness.

I love it! And for sheer convenience (& not being a morning person) I expect I will continue to have a shake for breakfast from now on. Thank you to everyone in the team who has supported me & encouraged me along the way so far!

Juanita, December 2017 program graduate

"To all the team-thank you very much for this program-it has literally made a dramatic improvement to my quality of life. Not only have I lost weight when nothing else seemed to work, but more importantly my knee pain has been greatly reduced."

Veda, December 2017 program graduate

"I would like to thank the Healthy Weight for Life Team for the opportunity of participating in the program. I am very happy to have lost a few kilos and a whole dress size. I really enjoyed the shakes and the soups to the extent that I have ordered more as I really miss my shake for breakfast.

Thanks again, your program and support provides excellent advice re diet, contains really easy healthy recipes and is easy to follow."