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Antibiotics and other medication queries

Any pre-existing regular medications should be closely monitored during the course of the program and dosages adjusted appropriately by consulting with your supervising healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

As the program is conducted over a period of approximately 18 weeks, on occasion participants may have the need to take a course of antibiotics due to an infection, (unrelated to their program) and many are unsure as to whether they can continue the program. As a general rule, as KicStart™ is a nutritionally complete meal in the form of a shake, there is no need to discontinue or disrupt the program in order to take an antibiotic "with food". KicStart™ is considered to be a food for special medical purposes.

However if you still have a query about the program and how it relates to a medical condition or taking certain medications, please contact the Healthy Weight for Life Team and ask to speak with the pharmacist on staff about your concerns.

For more specific infomation on Osteoarthritis related medications, also read about understanding pain relief medication.


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Antibiotics and other medication queries

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