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Why is there so much food in the lunch and snack box?

The Lunch & Snack box has been designed to help satisfy your hunger and your energy needs throughout the day. The contents of the box, guided by the lunchbox building instructions are designed to be consumed over the course of the period between breakfast and dinner and should not be consumed all in one sitting.

Planning ahead and having a packed lunchbox near you during the day will help you resist the temptation to snack on high energy foods that are offer on offer both out and about or in the pantry and fridge at home.

Pack your lunchbox before you leave home in the morning, or if  you are usually rushing out the door with no time to spare, pack it the night before and refridgerate overnight. You will then be sure to have healthy, energy and portion- controlled food ready for your morning tea, lunch and afternoon snacks.


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