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Nicole's Story

Nicole feels amazed to have her life back, to have so much energy to live her life, to be active and achieving things she never thought she would be able to  After losing  20% of her starting body weight in the 18 weeks of the Healthy Weight for Life program, she has gone on to lose nearly another 20% taking her total weight loss down 40kg in 45 weeks.


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Nicole 41, NSW Australia





Norm's Story

Norm toured Europe – “I was able to do that trip because of the motivation your program provided me to lose weight and regain my mobility and independence….this was something I couldn't have considered before starting the program”


Norm visiting his daughter – “Previously I would only do the stairs to come down in the morning and go up at night.  Now I can go up and down without too much difficulty or pain, I can even go up without pulling myself up on the bannisters. .. This may be your job, but do know, you save people from so much pain and misery you should be proud of what you do. I hold you in great esteem, and think you are very special people. ”


Norm 67, Qld Australia





Whats your story?

Juanita, December 2017 program graduate

"To all the team-thank you very much for this program-it has literally made a dramatic improvement to my quality of life. Not only have I lost weight when nothing else seemed to work, but more importantly my knee pain has been greatly reduced."


Veda, December 2017 prgram graduate

"I would like to thank the Healthy Weight for Life Team for the opportunity of participating in the program. I am very happy to have lost a few kilos and a whole dress size. I really enjoyed the shakes and the soups to the extent that I have ordered more as I really miss my shake for breakfast.

Thanks again, your program and support provides excellent advice re diet, contains really easy healthy recipes and is easy to follow."


Judyann feels life is so much easier and is much happier and confident –

“Hi Nicole

Thank you for your email.  Apologies it has taken a week to get back to you, but life has been unusually frantic.

I'm remain incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in this programme and to have gained the enormous amount of knowledge, support and tools to assist me. I feel like I have emerged from a very dark place where I felt completely helpless in knowing how to combat my arthritis pain and struggling with declining function to now feeling just by exercising, eating well and reducing my weight I can gain a much better quality of life which in return has made me feel so much happier and confident about my condition.

… the changes are already wonderful and life is so much easier. The surprising gain has been that I have learnt that simple things like walking and cycling can also be used as a form of pain relief

themselves. I have found that on nights when in bed that my hips and legs are aching, a 15 min ride on the bike settles the pain down and allows me to return to sleep much more easily.

Now that people are noticing my weight loss and I appear to be in less pain, I am frequently being asked how I have achieved this. I have suggested to everyone that they investigate their eligibility for you programme as I genuinely believe it's an empowering way for people to take control of their health and provides the support and guidance so many of us need along the way…

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season to you and all the wonderful team that have assisted me.”


Judyann, 50 SA Australia


Dear Team,

Having completed the course I must write and tell you how pleased I am with the results.  This has helped me tremendously and I'll continue to follow the strategies you have in place.  I am thrilled with the result and the weight loss has made a big difference to my mobility.  Some weeks I have recorded more pain but this is due to the change in weather.  I've noticed when there is a large low pressure ridge coming my Arthritis is always more painful.  Having had one knee replaced and the other 'bone on bone' I have been trying to delay having the second operation.  This programme has helped delay that considerably.  I hope to continue to lose weight in the future and I do thank you once again for the opportunity to take part.  
With thanks,YH



Dear folks, I used your programme to "pretune " for my knee replacement on 29.9.11-lost five kilos and tuned my muscles ready for the big saga. My surgeon Professor Richard de Steiger did not know about your programme-his research worker does now. I would see every preoperative patient using their waiting time to take advantage in the way I was able to. My plan now is to continue watching my calories, join an exercise group when my knee has settled a bit more( it's still pretty painful but is well ahead of the extension /flexion criteria required.) #With thanks for your back up.



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The Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life program is run by Prima Health Solutions Pty Ltd (Prima) for and on behalf of participating health insurance funds.

If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of the Program please don't hesitate to contact Luke Lawler, Prima CEO and Scientific Director directly, on

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